The First Light Project Story

First Light Project was the brainchild of Charlie Szoradi, CEO of Independence LED.  LED manufacturers are in constant motion, developing new products continuously.  Charlie decided that his older products should provide light to those who need it most.

In August 2012 Lois Davidson who at the time was working with Power Up Gambia introduced Charlie to Kebba Badgie, Director of Sulayman Junkung General Hospital in Bwiam, The Gambia.  Charlie listened to the issues of lighting a hospital that is powered only by a solar energy system.  The fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs were depleting a significant amount of the electricity stored in the batteries of the system.

After listening to these issues Charlie presented Kebba with 8 sets of LED tubes along with the drivers and the instructions on installation.

So began First Light Project.  Less than 2 years later First Light Project had an active board of directors, their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and several more installation projects.

Thank you Charlie for your insight, your vision and allowing First Light Project to move forward in it’s mission to provide energy efficient LED lighting to hospitals, clinics and schools throughout under-served areas of the world.


Provide energy efficient, long lasting and reliable LED lighting to hospitals, clinics, schools and community centers in under-served areas of the United States and the Developing World.


To initiate a chain of events through better lighting in clinics and healthcare facilities that helps lead to benchmarks such as the eradication of communicable diseases, increased maternal and fetal healthcare and to create more sustainable and economically viable working environments through better lighting in schools, clinics, hospitals and community centers across the developing world and underserved areas of the United States.


The Five Point Program Overview for hospitals & clinics:

#1: Developing Countries face dire healthcare challenges.

#2: Doctors, Nurses and Staff simply need energy efficient but bright non-glaring light to perform their jobs.

#3: Electricity is in short order in many Developing Countries, especially in remote villages.

#4: Reliable, long lasting and high efficiency LED tube lighting will enable medical service providers to successfully perform their tasks.

#5: The high efficiency factor of LED tube lighting SAVES Money so that clinics can use the resources on critical medical supplies.



It is the goal of First Light Project to work in conjunction with partner nonprofits whose mission is to advance clean energy in developing nations.  By establishing these partnerships First Light Project’s mission to provide energy efficient, long lasting and reliable LED lighting to hospitals, clinics, schools and community centers in under-served areas of the Developing World will be able to place the LED lighting into areas deemed necessary by the partnered NGO.