Why Food?

Why Food?

I was asked the other day why First Light Project is building a farm in West Philadelphia. I said; “it is because it serves our mission”. They replied; “Yes, but why food?”

When we look at the greater Philadelphia community, we see deep pockets of poverty and inequity. There are families that lack adequate shelter, food, employment, education and healthcare. We are driven now to find sustainable solutions for those who live in our own communities, just as we are driven to help those in need around the world.

First Light Project was conceived with a mission to improve community well-being. We use accessible technology to provide sustainable solutions that improve the lives of people in under-served areas of the world. Since 2014 FLP has supplied LED lighting technology to projects on three continents as well as to local organizations. LED Lighting is now widely available and affordable, but need still exits at home and abroad.

Why food? Because accessible technology exists today that can grow and provide healthy fresh produce in urban neighborhoods. There is science which tells us that people who do not get adequate nutrition become trapped in a cycle of generational poverty. We know there are sustainable solutions that can feed communities, create opportunity, and that can fundamentally improve people’s lives.

Why food? Because food brings people together. Food is where many conversations start and where much joy is created. Food is fundamental to our lives and well-being. Food brings people to the table.

First Light Project started with a vision of how lighting technology could address energy insecurity. We have expanded our mission to encompass projects that also tackle food and water insecurity. We are building farms to grow stronger more sustainable communities.

Why Food? Because it is essential for life and key to achieving a better life for our children and their children.

Why Food? Because growing food creates jobs, improves health, and plants the seeds from which stronger communities grow.

Why Now? Because the need exists in our own backyard, as it surely does in yours. What we can achieve can be replicated in other places. We aim to empower people to grow food and build a better life for their families. We hope you will support our work and mission to grow stronger more sustainable communities.