Hydroponic Farming

“Pilot Farm inside the Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief’s North Philadelphia Warehouse”

Just over a year ago, we opened our pilot indoor hydroponic vertical farm and as of today First Light Project has grown over 800 pounds and donated more than 90% to Philabundance Community Kitchens (PCK). Our 312 square foot pilot is a success. We have demonstrated to the community that we can efficiently grow a reliable range of lettuces, leafy greens, and culinary herbs. Our legion of volunteer taste testers has given us great feedback and unanimously agree that our produce is fresher, more flavorful, and lasts longer than the standard store-bought varieties. Our fans have spoken, and they want more!

“Our goal is to create a network of neighborhood hydroponic vertical farms and workforce of 21st Century urban farmers”

FLP Farms is a model for neighborhood-based urban farms that incorporates hydroponic farming technology. These farms are designed to provide meaningful employment and healthy food options in neighborhoods that lack access to these necessities, 365 days of the year.

Growing Food as a Lever for Community Change

Our vision for First Light Project Farms is rooted in the belief that growing food can be a lever for community change. We see that growing food can have a positive impact on the environmental, social, and economic well-being and is a simple, yet powerful way for residents to rebuild the fabric of existing neighborhoods and communities. We envision the farms as being more than economic enterprises. They can be the catalyst for an ecosystem of food-related small businesses that expand economic opportunity. We envision the farms being a neighborhood resource where residents engage in community conversations about food, health, and prosperity. We envision the farms being a place that brings neighbors together to create stronger more self-sufficient communities.


Our farms will continually grow and learn from emerging technology, agricultural best practices, and local wisdom.

Our first farm is intended to demonstrate that hydroponic growing inside a warehouse is economically viable. The first farm is also plants the seed for future farms that in turn more fully explore a model for intensive urban food production.


The Center for Workforce Training in Indoor Agriculture (CWTIA)

The CWTIA is an initiative to create standardized workforce training that meets the growing demand for workers in indoor agriculture. The program is designed for young adults and under-employed city residents and emphasizes hands-on technical training, job readiness skills, and business entrepreneurship skills needed for the indoor agricultural industry.

The development of First Light Project Farm is a patient investment in community well-being that leverages long lasting generational change. 

Episcopal Community Services
Ecotone Design
Owner’s Rep Inc
TAF JK Group
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