Lighting Retrofits

At its core First Light Project’s mission was to provided energy-efficient lighting to rural hospitals, clinics and community centers throughout under-served areas of the world.

By replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes and drivers our projects have reduced the operating costs as much as two thirds allowing the beneficiaries to divert those energy savings to their medical equipment needs.

Since its inception in 2014 First Light Project has provided LED retrofits to:
3 clinics and 1 hospital in The Gambia, Africa
1 clinic and an addition to the main clinic in La Entrada, Honduras
1 clinic in West Chester, PA
1 charter school in the Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, PA
1 orphanage in Haiti
1 medical station on a summit on Mt. Annapurna, The Himalayas

And Coming soon:
Retrofit of Southwest Community Development Corporation in Philadelphia which will also be used as part of a training program for local residents who are pursuing their electrical license.

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