Updates on the Vertical Farm & These Unprecedented Times

Updates on the Vertical Farm & These Unprecedented Times

In these unprecedented times we at First Light Project see that the COVID 19 Pandemic and recent protests has changed the way we live our lives, the way we do business and the way we think about food.

In the past 3 months First Light Project has taken a look at how shopping now occurs, how our supply chain works or doesn’t work and how we, our friends and our families eat.

With the major disruptions to the supply chain, the need for growing produce locally has moved to the forefront of our way of thinking and our way of purchasing.

First Light Project Pilot Farm is producing at full throttle, since May we have donated over 50 pounds of leafy greens to Philabundance Community Kitchens(PCK) and as soon as one harvest is done we are moving germinated seedlings into the grow racks, so we have a consistent produce stream. From the beginning of December 2019 through June 1, 2020 we have distributed over 306 pounds of leafy greens and herbs to food pantries with 126 pounds going directly to PCK.

Now is the time to move quickly towards the goal of a full production Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Farm.
Locally grown, Locally distributed, Locally eaten.

Stay safe, keep your loved ones close, and your communities strong.
With gratitude,
Lois and Frank